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GARNIER Pure Active Matcha Deep Clean Clay Mask Review

Hey!! Nice to see you guys again, well aku mau review masker yang baru lunching dari brand Garnier. Ini adalah masker pertama dengan rasa onsen warming effect. Tanpa banyak basa-basi yuk kita review~

Garnier Pure Active Matcha Deep Clean Clay Mask
GARNIER Pure Active Matcha Deep Clean Clay Mask
Pollution, oily food, unclean water – Everyday city lifestyle makes skin look oily, dirty, and dull. Innovation : New Matcha Deep Clean CLAY MASK with 2x more Matcha extract. Self warming ONSEN technology helps open and deeply purifies pores from trapped pollution particles. It dissolves oil, reduces blackheads & brigtens dullness.

the packaging of Garnier Pure Active Matcha

Where to buy and price
You can get this product on drugstore and supermarket such as Indomaret, Alfamart, Guardian, or Watson. For the price is around 18.000 rupiah

CLAY MASK ini datang dalam kemasan 2 x 6 ml sama seperti Garnier Mask Peel-Off, which is sangat affordable dan bisa dipakai beberapa kali.

the information in the packaging

How to use this product
Make sure before you use clay mask, clean your face then after it apply gently on skin. Becarefull avoid eye areas and sensitive spot on your face such as area under the nose. Leave it for 3 minutes and enjoy deep-cleanse warming ONSEN experience at home. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

how to apply the mask

At the first I apply this clay mask, I feel ONSEN warming sensation directly, which is I really surprised. For me who have sensitive skin, I have to be carefull so I try not to apply this clay mask on some sensitive area like under eyes and under nose. For the scent of this clay yessh I can feel its from Matcha. I leave the mask for 3 minutes then I wash with lukewarm water, I can feel that my skin feel more refresh and it leave deep clean for your pores. Tips for you, after you finish rinse off with lukewarm water, your pores must be open up right, I use ice cubed on my face, in order to make the pores not open anymore. Oh this clay mask is really benefit for you who have acne prone skin and blackheads.
when it apply to the face
Overall, I like this Matcha Clay Mask.

+deep cleansing
+onsen sensation

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