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SOCOBOX x BrunBrun Paris

Hii!! I'm so excited because I got SOCOBOX x BrunBrun Paris dari Sociolla & Beauty Journal.
Jadi Beauty Journal bagi-bagi SOCOBOX gratis dengan hanya mengisi data profile kalian & my interest di . Siapa yang belum tahu ? Jadi ini adalah platform pertama dari Sociolla & Beauty Journal ini adalah komunitas beauty and life style, ada banyak review, artikel bahkan sampe horoscop zodiak pun ada. Kalian juga bisa berkontribusi untuk menjadi beauty article creator dan mengupload artikel-artikel dan review kalian disini. Mau kamu cewek atau cowok juga bisa loh :)

How about Brun Brun Paris? Siapa yang sudah kenal produk BrunBrun Paris? Jujur ini pertama kali nya aku dapat produk dari BrunBrun Paris and yes I'm so excited to try all the product <3

my first SOCOBOX <3

There's a lot of product inside my SOCOBOX (nah, I got the product that based on my skin type-oily and sensitive skin) :

  • BrunBrun Paris Peel Off Mask Moisturizing Strawberry
First Impression : This is so interesting, I never heard of peel off mask moisturizing before. Disclaimer, when I use this peel off mask, my skin condition was really dry even the skin itself peel of. Dan pas aku pakai ini tekstur nya itu agak lengket dan berwarna pink, ada bau alcohol nya but not really strong. Tekstur nya mudah diratakan di muka dan cepat mengering, jadi kalian harus cepat-cepat meratakan nya, less than 5 minutes this peel off mask ready to peel of. Surprisingly I love the result, its give my skin hydrated and it was good enough.

Peel Off Mask Moisturizing Strawberry
  • BrunBrun Paris Peel Off Mask Reviving Black Mud
First Impression : I don't like this peel off mask. This mask has really strong alcohol scent, which is I can't handle it. The texture not really different from Peel Off Mask Moisturizing but the color is black. This mask contains antioxidant and mineral helps to rejuvenates the skin, but I don't feel anything after use this mask lol.

black peel off mask
  • BrunBrun Paris Micellar Water Makeup Remover
First Impression : This really look like Bioderma, the bottle and the texture lol. The result is so good, I love it because it clean all your makeup and not irritating my skin.

the result of micellar water
  • BrunBrun Paris Daily Cleanser Refreshing Oil Reducing
First Impression : it has orange scent, personally I don't really like scent of orange. But the result just okay, after wash my face I don't feel tight feeling on my face, because this has small packaging, it will useful as traveling cleanser.

after use BrunBrun Paris Daily Cleanser
  • BrunBrun Paris Daily Oil Reducing & Moisturizing
First Impression : I love this product! I use this on my face and it feel really light and hydrated my skin. For oil reducing I don't really noticed but yes this is so moisturize my skin even I don't like orange scent. I bring this moisturizer when I had to travelling. Love it!

Love the daily moisturizer
  • BrunBrun Lip Cheek Eye Color
Fist Impression : I love this product! Multi function, you can use as lipstick, eyeshadow or either blush on your cheek. I also love the texture, its not really liquid but it doesn't dry your lips. I got dazzle color but unfortunately I lost it when in the airport :"( I put the lip cheek on my pocket then suddenly it gone, but I really recommend this lip cheek.

repost the photo from BrunBrun official website
And yes that's my first impression and mini review of SOCOBOX x BrunBrunParis. BrunBrun Paris is really affordable and they also have good quality too, for you who are student or college student that want to buy some makeup or skincare stuff that doesn't pricey, you can check BrunBrun Paris. I think that's enough and thank you for all the reader and also Beauty Journal and BrunBrun Paris. Byee see you on my next article :)

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