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Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control & Blemish Clear Mask

Halo, today I'm going share my experience use sheet mask from Naruko. Since I have an oily skin and acne prone skin, its really hard for me to find good sheet mask that suitable for my skin type and now I have good news that finally I found it!! Lets meet up with my holy grail sheet mask~

Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control and Blemish Clear Mask

Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control & Blemish Clear Mask
This activated carbon mask is designed to absorb excess oil and prevent acne. It enhances sebum secretion control and maintains oil-water balance for shine and blemish free skin.

Salicylic acid, Saw Palmetto, Hamamelis Virginiana Extract, Castor Oil, Phytoferulin, Witch Hazel Extract, Tranexamic Acid, Piroctone Olamine, Hyalluronic Acid, Mentha Piperita Oil, and others ....

It cleanses pores and balances sebum production while providing hydration to reduce blemishes and post blemish marks.

This mask is suitable for all skin type, especially recommended for oily and trouble skin prone to acne, pimples and visible pores.

Where to buy and price
If you live in Indonesia, you can find in at watson, guardian store or maybe official online store at Sociolla and Shopee.

At Sociolla, the price for one box of Naruko sheet mask Rp. 230.000 while for single piece Rp. 28.750
Naruko at Sociolla

It comes with green packaging and really simple. On the back of packaging you can find information such as ingredients, expired date and benefit of the sheet mask, this is so helpful since it in english version.

How to use
Its really simple just take out the mask and put it onto the face, then we wait 5-10 minutes, then take it off.

Performance and Result.
At the beginning, this mask is really unique because it comes with black sheet mask, at the first time I used this mask, I can feel cool sensation and no tingling sensation. As so far as really comfortable on my skin face.

after use clear mask my skin looks much better and glowingg <3

+Size sheet mask fit to my face
+Comfortable on my skin
+Cool sensation when you use it
+The ingredients really good for oily and acne prone skin
+There's a lot of essence <3

-Nothing so far

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